how to cross-compile LFS5.0 with nALFS?

vnevoa vasco.nevoa at
Wed May 19 23:42:56 PDT 2004

Marcus Furlong wrote:
> On Sunday 16 May 2004 21:22, vnevoa wrote:
> It's not nALFS, but I have some scripts that do x86 cross-compiling, I'll
> send them on if you want. Currently it's 5.0ish, but I'll update for 5.1 as

Great! Yes, I would like to have them!! Thanks for sharing!

> soon as I can. It takes about an hour and a half to build a system on an
> XP2000+. Normally, I take the hard disk out of the old machine, put it into
> the new one and run the scripts to build the system. It has worked

On my XP1800+ it took 3,5 hours...

> successfully on a 486's and 586's, but the 386 build wouldn't boot because
> the kernel wanted 4mb of RAM and I only had 2mb :-( (Anyone got a spare
> Compaq 386s/20? This is one of those machines that only takes a certain
> type of RAM made by Compaq for _their_ 386's!)

Something went really wrong, because I get a "segmentation fault" 
whenever I "chroot" to the new LFS system... :( ...

>>Second: I have read the LFS hint on cross-compiling for the x86, and
>>frankly, I don't like it. The whole "uname" hack is inelegant... as to
>>the $CHOST variable, I've tried setting it to "i486-pc-linux-gnu" in the
>>Chapter 5 files that establish environments, like binutils-pass1.xml,
>>binutils-pass2.xml, gcc-pass1.xml, gcc-pass2.xml, and glibc.xml, but it
>>didn't make any difference, I still get the "/tools/i686-pc-linux-gnu/"
>>directory. Now the question: is there a clean and automated way to do
>>this, or must I resort to the "uname" hack or set the CFLAGS and
>>CXXFLAGS in almost every file??...
> Lots of configure scripts use uname to get the architecture and won't pay
> any attention to environment variables...
> Personally, I use the uname module, but the x86 cross-compiling hint is
> woefully out of date. The author has a newer (unfinished) version on his
> website, google and you'll find it. I've fixed a lot of little things that
> are broken with both versions of the hint... Unfortunately my notes went on
> fire (really!) so if you want a list of changes you'll have to trawl
> through the package descriptors...

I also ended up using the kernel module "uname hack", because it is the 
simplest... however,

> Using the script, you only need the set the build architecture once, in a
> config file. It loads the module and passes the appropriate flags to every
> package build automatically.

Neat! :)

> Anyway, gimme a shout if you want a copy.


> Marcus.

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