how to cross-compile LFS5.0 with nALFS?

vnevoa vasco.nevoa at
Thu May 20 16:25:42 PDT 2004

vnevoa wrote:
> Marcus Furlong wrote:
>> It's not nALFS, but I have some scripts that do x86 cross-compiling, I'll
>> send them on if you want. Currently it's 5.0ish, but I'll update for 
>> 5.1 as soon as I can. It takes about an hour and a half to build a system on an
>> XP2000+. Normally, I take the hard disk out of the old machine, put it 
>> into
>> the new one and run the scripts to build the system. 
> Something went really wrong, because I get a "segmentation fault" 
> whenever I "chroot" to the new LFS system... :( ...

Well, I've got 2 great news!!

  1 - My "segmentation fault" problem was hardware related: the 
IDE-to-miniIDE cable I am using to connect the 486 laptop hard drive to 
my AthlonXP was faulty... this led to data corruption while trying to 
execute any binary from LFS. Luckily enough, the problem only appeared 
after the LFS system was built! :)

  2 - The "uname kernel module hack" worked perfectly - I got a fully 
i486 compliant LFS-5.0, and all I had to do was load the uname-hack 
module while nALFS was building the system...

  So now i have a working LFS-5.0 on my 486-laptop with 300mb hd.
  Thanks people! nALFS and LFS rock!! :)

  Marcus: I'd still like to get my hands on your scripts, information is 
never enough in this world... ;)

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