BLFS profile status

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri May 21 07:47:42 PDT 2004

First, let me say you guys have been doing an excellent job... the BLFS 
profile looks very good! Can you give me some idea of how much work you 
think is left to do?

Here are some ideas for things that I think might need to be changed:

1) There are user-configuration entities in packages.ent, those should 
probably be moved to general.ent somehow.

2) Would there be any advantage to having a separate packages.ent for 
each chapter subdirectory? If so, I can modify the script to 
build a "master" file at run time to load them all into the profile 
(like the "files.ent" one is done now).

3) I have recently modified the LFS profiles to not copy patches from 
the packages directory to the build directory, but rather to just used 
the packages_dir path for the patch command. The BLFS profile uses the 
same technique, so could likely be changed as well.

4) (very minor) A mass search-replace for "Installing a package" -> 
"Installing", etc. would be a nice improvement.

5) It appears that there are some files in the tree that are no longer 
needed; nalfs.dtd, chapter03/skel.xml, etc. Please feel free to "cvs 
remove" them, they will be preserved in the CVS Attic in case anyone 
ever needs them.

6) The "" script is not functional, as it uses old-style 
xmllint arguments (and not the right ones anyway as best I can tell). 
Are you guys using that? If not, I can update it to do the right thing 
and it will then be useful for maintenance of the profile.

7) I'd like to find a way to use "tidy" to clean up and standardize the 
formatting of all the files. I have tested using:

tidy --input-xml true --tidy-mark false --wrap false 
--literal-attributes true file.xml

And it does a very nice job (including defaulting to two-space indent, 
which is what I prefer since it keeps files from getting wide), but it 
won't seem to leave the entity references alone. If somebody can figure 
out how to get it to do that this would be a nice way to maintain the 
XML files.

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