BLFS profile status

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri May 21 09:19:57 PDT 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> Yep, your right, although I was thinking of a new file called
> config.ent, since configuration is a big part of BLFS, if all it was put
> general.ent it would become fairly cluttered, plus I always think of
> general.ent as a location to put common entities.

That is a good idea, and I've been thinking about doing that for LFS as 
well. I don't really like having users make changes in the file that 
also contains things they shouldn't be touching (like version numbers 
and related stuff).

>>6) The "" script is not functional, as it uses old-style 
>>xmllint arguments (and not the right ones anyway as best I can tell). 
>>Are you guys using that? If not, I can update it to do the right thing 
>>and it will then be useful for maintenance of the profile.
> I've been using it quite often, the results seem fine, but if you think
> it's need updated by all means do so.

OK, when I tried it didn't seem to do the right thing, but I'll look at 
it again.

> I just looked at that I see what you mean it replaces all & with &,
> could easily just sed it back out to normal maybe.

Maybe... but if there are actual & anywhere in the profile then they 
would get replaced too. Anyone interested in sending a note to the tidy 
mailing list to see if they can suggest an alternative?

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