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Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Fri May 21 15:13:52 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> 2) Would there be any advantage to having a separate packages.ent for 
> each chapter subdirectory? If so, I can modify the script to 
> build a "master" file at run time to load them all into the profile 
> (like the "files.ent" one is done now).

> 4) (very minor) A mass search-replace for "Installing a package" -> 
> "Installing", etc. would be a nice improvement.

> 5) It appears that there are some files in the tree that are no longer 
> needed; nalfs.dtd, chapter03/skel.xml, etc. Please feel free to "cvs 
> remove" them, they will be preserved in the CVS Attic in case anyone 
> ever needs them.
I'll do that.

Some other things I would like to see done:
- move general.ent and packages.ent into config_standard or into another 
dir if they are split up/renamed.
- rename the script. I've already proposed this some time ago 
(before becoming a maintainer), but I don't remember what the response was.

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