how to cross-compile LFS5.0 with nALFS?

Marcus Furlong furlongm at
Tue May 25 18:01:08 PDT 2004

>>> It's not nALFS, but I have some scripts that do x86 cross-compiling,
>>> send them on if you want. Currently it's 5.0ish, but I'll update for 
>>> 5.1 as soon as I can. It takes about an hour and a half to build a
system on an
>>> XP2000+. Normally, I take the hard disk out of the old machine, put it 
>>> into
>>> the new one and run the scripts to build the system. 

An hour and a half: that's with tools already built, logging turned off and
verbosity set to 0.

> Marcus: I'd still like to get my hands on your scripts, information is 
> never enough in this world... ;)

They're at

Unpack, then 'make install'

What is installed?

/usr/bin/pb - main script
/etc/pb/* - configuration file and other little scripts
/etc/pb/packages.g/* - OGDL package descriptors

'make uninstall' will delete everything.

On first run, /usr/src/tarballs/{,patches} and /usr/src/code/ will be
created (different dirs can be specified in config file) and 'make
uninstall' WON'T delete these.

The file /etc/pb/pb.conf contains the configuration variables for the build,
including the processor type to build for. After editing /etc/pb/pb.conf,
do 'pb -b' to build LFS (needed packages and patches will be downloaded if
necessary). Also 'pb -o' and 'pb -n' will build just chapter 5 or just
chapter 6 respectively, although I haven't tested this as much, but it
seems to work ok.

When you boot into the new system, 'pb -d' and 'pb -i' can be used to
download or install (includes downloading) new packages. At the moment
there's only package descriptors for the main LFS packages, but if you
write a package descriptor this should work without any problems. 

The package descriptors are easily human readable as they are written in
OGDL. So of course, before running you need to install Rolf Veen's
excellent ogdlutils from
Also, mktemp and wget are required.

Currently, the package descriptors are based on LFS 5.1

That's it, let me know if there's any bugs or anything I've overlooked and
I'll fix them up if I can.


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