how to make a boot/root linux system on a 64M IDE flash module

varsachin at varsachin at
Wed May 26 11:00:09 PDT 2004

Dear All,

    I am sachin varadkar working at KReSIT IIT Bombay.
    I need your help. I am making a boot/root linux system on a 64M IDE
flash module.And it must include some application(Apache, etc.)besides the
common linux commands.Because of the size limitation, I must try to make
the file system as small as possible.
I don't know how to make boot and a compressed root file system on a IDE
flash module(hda). And some configure files must be writable, so when
compressed, how to write the configure files? Or they would be not
compressed? However, some other directory must be compressed. How to
do it?

        Would you like to tell me something? And could you tell me some
maillists focusing on
the IDE flash module boot/root linux system?

    I am looking for your email. Thank you very much.

 sachin varadkar

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