md5 discrepancies

Archaic archaic at
Wed May 26 19:33:07 PDT 2004

Here's the md5's that don't match any of the profiles in stable,
testing, and unstable:


I jumped on belgarath and md5summed the patches and my sums match.

That leaves the last 3 to sort out.

Here's my sums:

599a35b0a76fc4335e640389acdaffbe  bison-1.875-attribute.patch
55df4c204d1157f030f64b49d45e7e64  gcc-2.95.3-2.patch
b84af298cbdc81d122037060437a3150  gcc-2.95.3-no-fixinc.patch
4ad05637a4b9d655b6ebc64061b93ee8  gcc-2.95.3-returntype-fix.patch
d27867e59d3bbb971b00058f20ef8ea4  man-1.5m2.tar.gz
47e2f0d89dbd1b231fb5b57331644ed1  man-pages-1.67.tar.gz
912050a9cb6b0f415b76ba56052fb4cf  perl-5.8.4.tar.gz

And here's the links for the 3 packages I just downloaded:

Can someone confirm this, please? I'm not subbed, so please CC.


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