nALFS XInclude problem corrected

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon May 31 12:56:35 PDT 2004

Thanks to some detective work by Matt, the problem in nALFS that caused 
it to segfault when processing the XInclude version of the LFS profile 
has been corrected. If you want to update your local copy, use CVS to 
checkout the branch-1_2 branch, or get the one-line change from the 
alfs-log mailing list.

This warrants an nALFS-1.2.3 release with this bugfix, but I'd rather 
wait to do that for two things:

- the nALFS tarball includes an LFS profile, and it would make sense to 
wait to create the tarball until LFS-5.1.1 is released and the included 
profile can be that version

- the XInclude conversion of the profile is nearly complete, so it may 
make sense to wait until that is done as well, and that way nALFS-1.2.3 
will ship with the latest and best LFS profile.. although the XInclude 
version of the profile is for LFS CVS HEAD, not 5.1.1, so making those 
same changes to the 5.1.1 profile may not be worth the effort

If these items can be handled in a reasonably short time (I haven't 
actually seen an LFS-5.1.1 announcement yet so I don't know how much 
time there is) then it would be great to release a new nALFS tarball at 
approximately the same time.

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