nALFS XInclude problem corrected

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon May 31 13:27:12 PDT 2004

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 12:56:35PM -0700, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Thanks to some detective work by Matt, the problem in nALFS that caused 
> it to segfault when processing the XInclude version of the LFS profile 
> has been corrected. If you want to update your local copy, use CVS to 
> checkout the branch-1_2 branch, or get the one-line change from the 
> alfs-log mailing list.
> This warrants an nALFS-1.2.3 release with this bugfix, but I'd rather 
> wait to do that for two things:
> - the nALFS tarball includes an LFS profile, and it would make sense to 
> wait to create the tarball until LFS-5.1.1 is released and the included 
> profile can be that version

Good idea - 5.1.1 should not be TOO far away - I think the plan is for Ian
to make sure of grammatical correctness in 5.1.1 then release, but I'm not
100% sure what else is up.

> - the XInclude conversion of the profile is nearly complete, so it may 
> make sense to wait until that is done as well, and that way nALFS-1.2.3 
> will ship with the latest and best LFS profile.. although the XInclude 
> version of the profile is for LFS CVS HEAD, not 5.1.1, so making those 
> same changes to the 5.1.1 profile may not be worth the effort
> If these items can be handled in a reasonably short time (I haven't 
> actually seen an LFS-5.1.1 announcement yet so I don't know how much 
> time there is) then it would be great to release a new nALFS tarball at 
> approximately the same time.

Since we're not looking at a need for Xinclude for 5.1.1, I don't see an issue
with staying with 1.2.2 for the meantime.


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