nALFS <stage> child (28218) killed by signal 11.

Ioan Ionita opslynx at
Wed Oct 6 10:05:03 PDT 2004

While making package gcc-pass1 3.4.2  in chapter 5 I got this error
│E: <stage> child (28218) killed by signal 11.                        
│E: Execution failed (255).   
Here's some of the last output before this error:

│-: ed-deps.o sched-ebb.o sched-rgn.o sched-vis.o sdbout.o sibcall.o
simplify-rtx.o sreal.o stmt.o stor-layout.o stringp│
│ool.o targhooks.o timevar.o toplev.o tracer.o tree.o tree-dump.o
unroll.o varasm.o varray.o version.o vmsdbgout.o xcoff│
│out.o alloc-pool.o et-forest.o cfghooks.o bt-load.o pretty-print.o
ggc-page.o web.o i386.o  host-default.o hashtable.o │
│tree-inline.o tree-optimize.o cgraph.o cgraphunit.o"     

Any help would be appreciated

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