Question about the stage names

Daniel Baumann linuxfromscratch-mailinglists at
Thu Oct 7 14:15:01 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> I've never even considered that as an issue (matching the book), so I 
> can't really say one way or the other.
Maybe that should be a priority?

> I do know that there are other places in the profile where the stage 
> names do not match the book, but I don't know if it's worth changing 
> them all to match.
I don't mind if this changes would not be in your 'first' priority, but 
as I said before, I personally do care about such things much. If you 
don't want to do it, I will send the patches if needed (Btw, the patch I 
send which is pending in the spamfilter corrects, amonst other, these 
stage names to the 'right' names).

Maybe could we do something like a vote for beeing more or less strictly 
   matching the lfs-book? As I said before, the 'work' needed to do 
isn't the case.. I am here for that.

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