nALFS User's Guide

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Sat Oct 16 10:03:27 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:
> All,
> I am going to concentrate on the user's guide next. I have been absent 
> with work lately, I do apologize for that.

There's no need to apologize. I think we've all been quite busy over the 
last weeks. In fact, this is the first time this week I get to see my 
computer :-o.

> I am not sure where to start. I need the group to help me determine what 
> all the UG should include.  Just so we are on the same page, this is 
> what I felt the two docs should be like:
> 1.  User's Guide (UG) -- I was thinking that this doc would be the 
> defacto "help" file for the application.  It would explain the .nALFSrc 
> file in depth, how to manipulate the application, etc.

Yes, the users guide should be like some kind of extended README. I 
would divide it into chapters that each describe a step in the process 
of using nALFS. That is: starting the app (with an explanation of 
command-line arguments, ...), selecting packages to build (eventually 
editing elements), starting-pausing-stopping-resuming the build process, 
etc. I would also include a chapter about error-/bug-reporting.

> 2.  Hacker's Guide (HG) -- I was thinking that this doc would be the 
> back end guide on all things "hackerish" with the system.  If you want 
> to hack on the code, or write docs like me or profiles, then this is the 
> place you look.

I don't agree completely. Keep in mind that we're talking about the 
_nALFS_ HG, and that profiles are not nALFS specific. I would rather 
have a separate profile-editors guide (PEG) (or maybe a hint).

> I was thinking of putting up a wiki page for a working outline.
I like wiki's :-D. Go ahead.



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