Sync with the current LFS-Book

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Oct 20 12:13:59 PDT 2004

Daniel Baumann wrote:
> The Background of this patch is to be absolutely consequent and similiar 
> to the lfs-book, therefore I changed the following things:

I'll let the profile editors make the final decisions, but I've included 
some comments inline below...

> * Renamed chapter05/lockinglibc.xml to adjusting.xml
> * Renamed chapter05/strip.xml to stripping.xml
> * Renamed chapter06/adjustingtoolchain.xml to readjusting.xml
> * Renamed chapter06/module-tools.xml to module-init-tools.xml
> * Renamed chapter06proc.xml to kernfs.xml
> * Renamed chapter06/strip.xml to stripping.xml
> * Renamed chapter07/bash_startup.xml profile.xml

Is there any particular reason the files needed to be renamed as well as 
the stage names embedded in them? If this is needed, it won't be done 
via a patch, it will need to be done by someone with SVN commit access, 
so they can actually "svn mv" the files. Otherwise the revision history 
of the original files will be lost.

> * Renamed chapter09/nALFS.xml to nalfs.xml

Why was this done? The proper name of this package is in mixed case, and 
it's not in the LFS book at all, so we can call it whatever we want :-)

> * Corrected all stage names to be in sync with lfs-book

This is good.

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