Sync with the current LFS-Book

Daniel Baumann linuxfromscratch-mailinglists at
Wed Oct 20 12:22:08 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> * Renamed chapter05/lockinglibc.xml to adjusting.xml
>> * Renamed chapter05/strip.xml to stripping.xml
>> * Renamed chapter06/adjustingtoolchain.xml to readjusting.xml
>> * Renamed chapter06/module-tools.xml to module-init-tools.xml
>> * Renamed chapter06proc.xml to kernfs.xml
>> * Renamed chapter06/strip.xml to stripping.xml
>> * Renamed chapter07/bash_startup.xml profile.xml
> Is there any particular reason the files needed to be renamed as well as 
> the stage names embedded in them?

there is one:

 >> The Background of this patch is to be absolutely consequent and
 >> similiar to the lfs-book

the lfs-book uses the corresponding names for the xml-files.

>> * Renamed chapter09/nALFS.xml to nalfs.xml
> Why was this done? The proper name of this package is in mixed case, and 
> it's not in the LFS book at all, so we can call it whatever we want :-)

the lfs-book uses lowercase-names for all xml-files. otherwise, rename 
dejagnu.xml to DejaGNU.xml, gcc*.xml to GCC*.xml etc.. you see, *I* 
(again, just me personally. I do care about such details) like perfection :)

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