Sync with the current LFS-Book

Sébastien Maerten maerten.sebastien at
Wed Oct 20 23:26:28 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Daniel Baumann wrote:
>>  >> The Background of this patch is to be absolutely consequent and
>>  >> similiar to the lfs-book
>> the lfs-book uses the corresponding names for the xml-files.
> But why should the names used in the book's XML source make any 
> difference? The profile does not follow the XML source, it follows the 
> completed (generated) book. It would be perfectly valid for the profile 
> to be in a single combined file (and in fact my own personal version 
> used to be that way), and that would in no way detract from its 
> usefulness or make it "imperfect".

[Slighty OT]

Wich make me think of the discussions that happened with the move to 
"newxml". At that time one pro for the "newxml" was that both printed 
book and nALFS profiles could be automagicaly generated from the book 
xml sources. I think its been done for the printed 6.0 book (maybe I'm 
wrong since I didn't follow those threads on -dev). What's the status of 
  generating nALFS profiles via xsl stylesheets ? Is this idea down ? 
Did somenone think of it recently ? I guess it should need changes to 
both book's xml sources and nALFS elements (DTD), maybe this should be 
thought of before releasing both nALFS and LFS next major releases (2.0? 
  / 7.0?), should'nt it ?

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