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Hi Joachim:

> 1. Very important: Is your tool open-source?

The tool was always internal, however I have no issue causing it to be
released under an open source license say GPL or LGPL.

:-) Owning the company has its perks.

> 2. Less important: What exactely do you mean when you say "I'll be
> more than happy to work with you guys to integrate SIB into the
> ALFS system and help the LFS community"? More specifically: How do
> you see collaboration between both projects?
Well, I think there is no reason why you guys should have to go
through the effort that we've already gone through. My proposal is
that LFS consider SIB as  possible starting point for ALFS, as it is
quite mature and covers a good chunk of the goals that ALFS lists in
its website. It's not complete by any means but it is definitely
something that every one can work with quite readily and actually
start playing within a couple of hours.

We may have to make the documentation worthy of wider distribution :-)
because internally it's just taught through apprenticeship.

> 3. Can you give us more details on the XML-part? We were planning
> to move away from XML actually, because our syntax is quite bloated
> and makes profiles hard to maintain.
I have put the XMLs for building an LFS environment at


If my recollection is correct this is against version 5 of LFS. This
is just to give everyone an idea.

Please remember that this is NOT directly LFS books, however we can
easily write an xsl that converts books to SIB XML format.  The SIB XML,
I think, doesn't suffer from unnecessary bloat, and we've seen it that
practically it is quite easy for a junior linux admin to understand,
and build upon.

The nifty thing about SIB XML spec is that it is very automation
friendly. It can easily be guieed or a sql'd. Of course some work
needs to happen here to actually get it done, however I think it can
be a good starting point.

> Apart from this, I'm very excited. I hope we'll be able to work
> together on this soon (well, if all of us find some time, that is
> :-)).
Well let me know what you think of the idea overall.

Ahmed Masud

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