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Ali Servet Donmez wnstox at yahoo.com
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--- Ahmed Masud <masud at googgun.com> wrote:

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> Hi Joachim:
> > 1. Very important: Is your tool open-source?
> The tool was always internal, however I have no issue causing it to
> be
> released under an open source license say GPL or LGPL.
> :-) Owning the company has its perks.
> >
> > 2. Less important: What exactely do you mean when you say "I'll
> be
> > more than happy to work with you guys to integrate SIB into the
> > ALFS system and help the LFS community"? More specifically: How
> do
> > you see collaboration between both projects?
> >
> Well, I think there is no reason why you guys should have to go
> through the effort that we've already gone through. My proposal is
> that LFS consider SIB as  possible starting point for ALFS, as it
> is
> quite mature and covers a good chunk of the goals that ALFS lists
> in
> its website. It's not complete by any means but it is definitely
> something that every one can work with quite readily and actually
> start playing within a couple of hours.
> We may have to make the documentation worthy of wider distribution
> :-)
> because internally it's just taught through apprenticeship.
> > 3. Can you give us more details on the XML-part? We were planning
> > to move away from XML actually, because our syntax is quite
> bloated
> > and makes profiles hard to maintain.
> >
> I have put the XMLs for building an LFS environment at
>     http://www.googgun.com/SIB/

I'm not a LFS expert nor a developer of it, but those profiles
*seems* much more complicated then nALFS's to me.

> If my recollection is correct this is against version 5 of LFS.
> This
> is just to give everyone an idea.
> Please remember that this is NOT directly LFS books, however we can
> easily write an xsl that converts books to SIB XML format.  The SIB
> XML,
> I think, doesn't suffer from unnecessary bloat, and we've seen it
> that
> practically it is quite easy for a junior linux admin to
> understand,
> and build upon.
> The nifty thing about SIB XML spec is that it is very automation
> friendly. It can easily be guieed or a sql'd. Of course some work
> needs to happen here to actually get it done, however I think it
> can
> be a good starting point.
> > Apart from this, I'm very excited. I hope we'll be able to work
> > together on this soon (well, if all of us find some time, that is
> > :-)).
> >
> Well let me know what you think of the idea overall.
> Ahmed Masud
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