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Paul Tanner Level_Designers at
Sun Dec 4 21:00:00 PST 2005

To whom it may concern,
Level Design Dreams.

A Realtime 3D Company.
Would like to know if you would need our services?

I would like to present to you my RT3D (Realtime 3D) company that deals 
with making 
interactive lifelike Simulatons of History and recreating Archaeological 
buildings and 
interactive sites as interactive computer simulations for clients. Some 
examples would be if 
someone would visit your organization you could hand a few demonstrations 
of what you would 
like to present them for your products or interactively experience them as 
simulations. That is what we specialize in for our line of work.
We can also create company health and safety training simulations. Our 
diverse services are 
possible through the technology that is current and up to date. I hope I 
have created 
interest in our services. If so, please Contact me back about computer 
simulations for your 
company and customers. For more information please visit the Website 
address below. 

Thank you for your time.

Paul Tanner. 
Level Design Dreams
RT 44 East 440J Millerton RD
Millerton, New York 12546 
Business Phone: 1-518-789-3141

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