[RFC] SRS Section 1

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Feb 1 04:46:19 PST 2005

Hi All,

As I mentioned in another thread, I'd like to discuss section by section 
the Software Requirements Specification for alfs, the new tool we want 
to see deveoloped.  I'll copy here what is already available, and at any 
time we can read or edit the SRS here:


The following text is Section 1 of the current SRS, please take a moment 
to review this and if you see something that should be 
added/removed/edited, please respond accordingly.  I'd like to be able 
to just add comments to the wiki, but because the mailing list is still 
our main forum for discussions, let's be sure to include all comments 
here. When we're fairly happy with this, we'll move on to section 2.

Jeremy H.


1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose

This document aims to provide a concrete specification describing the 
software tool alfs. Readers of this document should have a basic 
understanding of XML, networks, and the client/server model.

1.2 Scope

This document will cover all the fundamental concepts that together will 
form the alfs tool. The scope of this document will be limited to the 
idea’s that surround this tool and will not go into detail on any 
specific programming languages or development tools.

1.3 Product Name

After some healthy debate and work on the lists, the tool will be named 
simply 'alfs'. We are writing it in all lowercase to differentiate it 
somewhat from the project name it is named after (ALFS). The project is 
the tool and the tool is the project, so the name should fit inside this 
idea and is why we have selected this name.

1.3 Definitions, Acronymns, and Abbreviations

         * ALFS
               Automated Linux From Scratch -- an open architecture of 
automating the build of an LFS system using an XML based profile.

         * XML
               eXtensible Markup Language -- an open file type that can 
be defined to provide any cross system implementation of anything. It 
just needs to be defined and implemented.

         * Client/Server
               A model of computing architecture where a component 
application runs on one computer and another runs on a remote server 

1.4 References

The project references :-

1.5 Overview

alfs is a tool that is used to simplify and automate the tasks that 
installing and managing software packages on a Linux system require. Its 
primary goal is to automate the LFS build procedure. Using a standard 
documented protocol, alfs will accept instructions, validate them, and 
carry out the specific tasks that correspond to these higher-level 
orders. alfs will then report back on the outcomes of its actions.

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