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Sorry for lfs-dev :)

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Quoting jamie bennett:
>I hate to throw a spanner in the works but for me, parsing the XML 
>from the book would be my highest priority. Profile maintainance 
>isn't only a chore it's prone to human error. If we could parse 
>the whole of the lfs and blfs books into seperate, self-contained 
>profiles, I think we could have a pretty powerful system from the 
>get-go. Having each profile self-contained would make selecting 
>only the ones you wanted alot easier.

IMO, there is nothing wrong that each coder/contributer/user have 
their own and different priority. There is nothing prohibiting Jamie keep 
drilling on the book as profile.

That said, IMHO, the book has a complete different objective than 
alfs. In short, it is not targeted toward automation. It is totally 
possible to use it as profile but one must pay its price such as bloat 
the program by large percent to accomodate all kinds of oddities in 
the book. If the book (G) agrees that make automation one of lfs 
book's objective, in that case, I don't have objections, other than 
being sad to see the book change its sail.

And again, IMHO, parsing profile is just a very small part of alfs and 
that can and should be implemented as plugin. So working on the book 
as profile have a good chance to be used as long as it does not put a 
heavy footprint on the alfs's other functionalities.

Last, as a suggestion, if one can automatically extract the commands 
out of the book, and one can automatically convert the commands into a 
profile (what ever format it would be), that still achieves near zero 
maintainence. And as a huge bonus I see, it won't drag alfs down even 
the book changes and the book parsing fails.

Hui Zhou
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Hui Zhou

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