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jamie bennett escribió en alfs.discuss el Martes, 1 de Febrero de 2005 11:07:

> I hate to throw a spanner in the works but for me, parsing the XML from the
> book would be my highest priority. Profile maintainance isn't only a chore
> it's prone to human error. If we could parse the whole of the lfs and blfs
> books into seperate, self-contained profiles, I think we could have a pretty
> powerful system from the get-go. Having each profile self-contained would make
> selecting only the ones you wanted alot easier.

To generating profiles from the {B}LFS books some changes are needed in the XML

That changes could be very intrusives (to add directly the ALFS tags into the
books) or something trivial (to add specifics attributes into the screen
blocks), depending of what level of profile generation automation we will want.

IMHO, full automatized profiles are possible only in the first case, that isn't
suitable until can migrate both, the books and ALFS, to Relax-NG. 

In all other cases is very possible that some type of human maintenance will be
needed to add that commands that aren't actually in the books (like download
and untarring the packages, remove the sources dirs after instal the package
and do dependecies tracking).

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