Top things to see in first ALFS

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Feb 1 19:41:49 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 17:12, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>>Well, unless I can be shown some solid reason why we'd want our client 
>>to do any parsing (thus making client development that much more of a 
>>task, and that much more specific) I'll be steering ALFS in the 
>>direction I mentioned.
> I agree. The server process is the one that is doing the work on its own
> machine whereas the client might be located elsewhere. The server
> shouldn't completely "trust" what it is giving in terms of shell
> commands. I agree that the server receives XML and the server itself
> parses it, validates against some DTD and decides to go ahead and run
> it.
> If nothing else, it seems more right that way.
Interesting, i figured this all was understood a long time ago.  The 
client does _nothing_ but send a profile to the server, control the 
server and get messages back from the server in its most simplest form. 
  All grunt work and statefull information is handled by the server. 
This means the logs are kept on the server, source files are kept there, 
and all processing/validation of profiles is handled there as well.  If 
we want the server to be able to "reuse" a parsed profile, then that 
should be kept on the server as well.  The only thing I could see of 
value in a client is XML editing and log viewing/searching functions.


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