Client/Server - please straighten out the terms

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Feb 2 03:39:31 PST 2005

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Reading thru the latest discussion, the terms Client and Server seem to 
> be getting very mixed up.
> In a Client/Server model, there should only be ONE server - this should 
> be the machine that holds the profile/XML, validates that it's sane, and 
> tells the clients (which could be one, or several) on how to operate.
>  From what I've been reading, the "server" runs on the machines where 
> LFS is being built, and the "client" is what feeds the profile - this is 
> not the right terminology.
> If things are written properly, the machines on which LFS is being built 
> will not need anything on them at all - a simple bootcd (a la JH's 
> livecd) with the ALFS client should be all that's necessary - the 
> profile resides on another machine, which directs the client to go out, 
> download the packages, and build them.

Try replacing the word 'client' with 'ui' and the word 'server' with 
'daemon' and you might better understand the type of relationship we're 
aiming for here.

If that makes more sense to more people we can refer to the sections of 
the tool in that manner. Perhaps we would have alfsd (that runs all the 
commands and does all the parses, and receives the instructions from the 
user) and alfs-ui that serves as a gui/front-end.


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