Client/Server - please straighten out the terms

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Feb 2 11:19:45 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote these words on 02/02/05 13:11 CST:

> Not quite. In fact the reverse.  We're talking about administrating 
> installs, either remotely, or locally.  The user interface is the client 
> and connects to an alfs daemon, either on a local machine or a remote 
> machine and asks that daemon to start building, either on the remote 
> machine or the local machine. The daemon is the server in that it is 
> responding to the client's request to start building and returns logs. 
> Where you store your profiles is of no consequence - the daemon just 
> needs to be fed them.

As one who feels fairly competent in client-server technology,
the process, as you describe it, is incomprehensible. I'm more
confused now than I was before you said the above.

Could you explain it differently, perhaps without joining remote
machine and local machine so much?


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