Client/Server - please straighten out the terms

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Feb 3 08:54:54 PST 2005

James Robertson wrote these words on 02/03/05 10:30 CST:

> BOX1 = Server.  This is what you want your shiny new LFS on.  Let's say 
> for sake of this example that it is a desktop under your desk.
> BOX2 = Client.  Let's say for sake of this example that it is a laptop 
> on your desk.
> You ensure that all the pre-reqs are setup on BOX1 like packages, 
> partitions, etc.
> BOX1 is  doing all the hard work.  It is parsing the profile you sent 
> it.  It is downloading package, compiling packages, etc.

[much of the explanation snipped, except for a point that confuses

Again, a nice explanation. Thanks, James.

However, one point of confusion. You say that you must ensure on BOX1
that pre-reqs are setup (packages). Then you say that later, after
the daemon is started and connected to the BOX2 client, that BOX1 will
download packages.

So, what pre-req is there on BOX1 when you say the packages must be


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