Client/Server - please straighten out the terms

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Feb 3 09:30:37 PST 2005

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> True. Except, let's say you're building 20 machines on your LAN. Are you 
> going to want each of those machines to go out on the internet and grab 
> each package for themselves?  It might make more sense to have 
> previously grabbed them yourself and placed them somewhere accessible to 
> all on your local network.

No, that's why I proposed a special kind of URI to let the daemon pull 
the files from the client. You download what you need ahead of time onto 
the client, then the build systems all get the files from there.

Of course, if you are running the client over a DSL link with 256kbps 
upload, and all the daemons are on boxes at your colo space with a 
gigabit connection, then you'd arrange things differently :-)

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