[RFC] SRS Section 2

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Thu Feb 3 19:45:18 PST 2005

Hui Zhou wrote:

> Since I am in the mood and am talking about useless dtd, Jeremy, I 
> think your effort on SRS is useless. Disregard the fact that Neocool 
> take me as a joke, in many aspects I am in total agreement with him. 
> (He seldom speak outside irc, I have little chances to say it.) 
> Writing SRS hoping different coder will implement it according to SRS 
> is very similar to making dtd and profile and waiting for actual 
> program to use it. It will work similar to the dtd, provides more 
> hassels than helpful. The dtd demands writing multiple elements for a 
> simple bash command, which doubles the opening closing matching pairs 
> and again doubles the < > pairs. Any automated building scripts or 
> programs writer without the constrain of this dtd will not use a 
> profile that does that. As for SRS, without actuall writing the 
> program specifing this detail and that detail is absurd. It is 
> different when Kevin was in charge, which he has a code base to build 
> on and the SRS is essentially a to do list based the existing 
> implementation. Now the program is from scratch up, and the SRS has 
> little connection with the Neocool's code (if that counts). I just 
> can't help thinking what a useless effort you are doing.
> Well, I love discussion and not much in care of the progress of alfs, 
> and most of all, I quite appreciate you energy and intention, so I 
> haven't speak on this yet. Now I spoken, just as a friend and 
> expressing my honest opinion with my reasons, hope you don't get too 
> annoyed. :-;

Hui, this is probably the single most insane thing you've said yet :)  
Even tho we're writing the new tool from the ground up, we still want it 
to be able to utilize the XML profiles which already exist.  So, the new 
tool still needs to be able to speak the old XML language - otherwise, 
the rewrite is a complete waste of time - everyone who uses the new tool 
must convert their profiles to the new syntax - and believe me, I don't 
relish that thought at all.


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