a few decisions

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Fri Feb 4 17:15:27 PST 2005

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> Jim Gifford wrote:
>>> Now that your back, could somebody make an nalfs profile for 
>>> lfs-raq2 for me!!!
>> Jeremy, and everyone else, just to let you know, I'm working on this 
>> for Jim - hopefully will have it done within a couple of days.
> Ok J, have fun with it.
Actually, it wasn't all that bad.  The changes from stock unstable were 
pretty minor - few added patches here and there, drop grub, add in the 
colo bootloader for the raq2, and add in OpenSSL/OpenSSH.  It's pretty 
much done at this point - Jim's given me access to his raq2 for testing, 
but they're slow as heck - at the 11 hour point, it hadn't even finshed 
GCC Pass 1.

Now, the question is...when it's finished, do we want that profile in 
the repo, or let Jim maintain it himself?


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