BLFS Profile status?

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Sat Feb 5 04:16:11 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> In case you are not aware, the BLFS team is working quickly towards a 
> 6.0 release. They have made a significant number of updates this month 
> (since the last profile update), and are also working on setting up a 
> "master" BLFS packages server.
Yeah there's about a full month of updates to incoporate. I've gotten 
through chapter34 of svn-20041231 so far which leaves the rest haven't 
been worked on yet, plus all the recent updates. Then there are still 
some configuration things to deal with too. Possibly putting md5 
checking in, among many things.
> In light of my own personal need to build some systems, I'd like to find 
> out if anyone has pending updates for the BLFS profile to commit... 
> otherwise I'll start updating the packages that I need to use.
There's nothing pending as of this moment, so whatever you want to 
update feel free, I can use any help I can get at this point.
> Also, someone will need to decide if the profile will be converted 
> entirely over to bz2 format tarballs (like the LFS profile), and if so, 
> will the BLFS team be providing package tarballs in that form on their 
> new package server (or just providing them in their original formats). 
> If the BLFS team is not going to convert them, I'd suggest _not_ 
> converting the profile over, as many of the packages are not available 
> in bz2 format at all otherwise.
There was a recent message on blfs-dev from Randy that was forwarded to 
the list by Bruce, that said he was going to put bz2 versions of all the 
sources on the server.

On a side note: Jeremy U. how up to date is your BLFS profile?
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