Some food for thought

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sat Feb 5 18:50:41 PST 2005

Hi Everyone:

I just wanted to send a general thanks to all for the recent posts and 
discussions on this list.  Several things have been clarified and I feel 
good about the direction we're going. A couple of things to think about 

I'd like as much as possible to keep our discussions here healthy and 
progressive. Therefore, again, I want to apologize to everyone for the 
bad example I set in publicly speaking to Hui the way I did.

If we could all keep in mind a couple of things, I think it would be 
very helpful to our continued progress:

1) Please, if you are not interested in *helping* the progress of alfs 
via the technical discussions on this list, and are rather more 
interested in debates or the discussion of general technical 
information, please do not post here, but use lfs-chat, as that's what 
it's for.

2) If someone's post has annoyed or offended you, please either ignore 
that individual, or email him privately concerning the matter. Let's 
keep that stuff off list. I didn't mean to start any patterns with my 
bad post.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter,

Jeremy Huntwork

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