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Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Sun Feb 6 10:41:55 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Thomas Pegg wrote:
>> LFS Profiles:
>> Unstable:
>> Currently up to date, thanks to Kevin for doing those updates.
> I'd like to get this profile run through tidy (like was done for the 
> BLFS profile). Can you remember the steps you had to take to make sure 
> nothing to broken? I seem to remember there were some new entities 
> needed and some hand-editing required after tidy gets run.

First I had to define a new entity called real-amp to replace occurences 
of an actual ampersand, so the sed that is run following tidy would work 
properly to replace all the improper occurences of & back to &.

The script and the config for tidy I had used for BLFS are located in 
the tools directory of the BLFS profile trunk.

If you use that script make sure you cd into chapter0[5679] and the 
config directory prior to running it then do ../ *.xml. It 
will make a backup copy of each file prior to doing anything in case 
something should get completely fowled up.

Oh also watch for the content of textdump elements, tidy tends to screw 
up the formatting on those.

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