Current Profile Status

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Sun Feb 6 11:52:49 PST 2005


Thomas Pegg wrote:
> BLFS Profile:
> A lot needs to be done here.
>     First needs to be synced with most current svn.

Right. I have a week off starting tomorrow, so I'll be able to do a 
large part of that job. Thomas, could you sync the BZ entries against 
svn-20050204? I'm not a BZ-magician and I would almost definately ruin 
dependencies between bugs and so.

>     More configuration type stuff needs to be added.

I'm wondering how we should fix that. Personally I'd like to get rid of 
all {textdump}'s in the profile and have them replaced by configfiles 
that we ship and that the user could/should edit before running the 
profile. That would make the profile a lot more tidy. We could add a 
note to the readme about the need to edit the configfiles.

>     Needs full testing of the profile prior to 6.0 release

I'll do that too, but not on a short term. I still need to recover some 
partitions on the last part of my harddisk after a bad crash last 
december, but I'm not at all sure how to do that. Meanwhile I have no 
place left for an LFS-build.

>     README needs major updating prior to 6.0 release

I wouldn't call it updating, I'd call it a rewrite :-)


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