Option to bypass make check

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Feb 10 18:27:23 PST 2005

On February 10, 2005 04:23 pm, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Heh. Well I always thought that ALFS said it wasn't for newbies! ;)

Aside from that too, it would not be a disservice to make the option 
available. If people use it, it's at their own risk anyways. But it would be 
nice to define in an entity file whether to run the make checks or not.

I changed the "make check" commands to something like &make_check;
The entity's value is either the XML tags like [make][param]check[/param]
[/make] or it's empty and nothing happens.

Ideally conditional execution comes into play. if some entity is defined; 
don't run the following; fi

Gerard Beekmans

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