Option to bypass make check

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Fri Feb 11 04:36:51 PST 2005

TheOldFellow schrieb:
>> I would like to run the tests, at least the mandatory ones, but for 
>> the ones known to fail - like the math-test on my old k6-2 machine - 
>> I'd like something like "run the testsuite but without the math-test".
> Why not make it: 'Run the tests, but ignore the result, just log the 
> result for the record'.  That's what I tend to do for, say gcc in 
> Chapter 6; then I can go back to the logs if oddities crop up later.
> R.

That wouldn't be possible with alfs-profiles - or would it??? Problem is 
alfs quits execution of the profile claiming something went wrong... And 
that's what ruins my overnight build :-(

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