LFS profile "skeleton" conversion complete

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Feb 12 11:27:31 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Although I have not yet run a build using the new profile, I am fairly 
> certain that the conversion is complete.
> I have also slightly modified the runit.sh script, and heavily modified 
> the README file.
> Because this new configuration method is a somewhat higher "barrier to 
> entry" for new users (since the skeleton files contain no documentation, 
> unlike the entities in general.ent), I added some text to README warning 
> about that, and suggesting that if the user is not aware of what to put
> in these files they may not be ALFS material. I'll leave it up to the 
> rest of you to decide whether that is true or not; if not, we'll need to 
> find some way to incorporate the old comments that were in general.ent 
> into README or some other files, as many of the skeleton files cannot 
> contain comments in the same fashion.
> I also moved config/fstab and config/grub to a new chapter08 directory, 
> since the XML files no longer need to be edited. In addition, 
> chapter08/grub.xml now actually runs the grub setup commands; since the 
> user can opt not to run them in their ALFS tool, I don't see any 
> particular reason to comment them out of the profile. I will probably 
> end up doing the same thing for config/kernel.xml, once I have tested it 
> properly.

Thanks for this, Kevin. I'll be looking them over as soon as I have a 
spare cycle. :)

Jeremy H.

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