Package Download URL's

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Feb 15 19:26:51 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> I can provide some "sed magic" like I used to do this en masse when I 
> converted my personal profile over. In fact, I can just update my 
> personal profile to match the current master one, then generate a diff 
> and pull out all the stuff that's not related to downloading packages.

However, that brings to mind another issue: patches. The profile will 
also need to download patches from a canonical source as well.

In my profiles I use {unpack} elements even for patches, and store all 
the patches on my source server bz2'd. This can be avoided by using 
{download} elements, but it's inconsistent when you use {unpack} for the 
package tarballs.

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