Package Download URL's

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue Feb 15 22:23:41 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Same with the TeX downloads. Though they're available in a different
>> directory, the BLFS links are broken.
> Also keep in mind that the download URLs in the BLFS book refer to the 
> package tarballs in their originally distributed formats, but anduin 
> will only have bz2 versions of them.
> If Thomas and the others decide to put auto-download into the BLFS 
> profile, the profile will have to use all bz2 URLs. If someone doesn't 
> want to download from anduin for some reason (maybe they already have a 
> lot of the package tarballs locally), they'll have to reformat or 
> something similar to use the profile.
> As it stands right now, we haven't even changed the main LFS profile to 
> do auto-download from, and the load generated 
> by that will be lower than the BLFS load on anduin (there are a lot 
> fewer packages, and not so many large ones). I guess someone needs to 
> make a policy decision as to whether the profiles in general should be 
> distributed this way :-)

I'd like you guys to hold off automating downloads from anduin where you 
can for the present.  However, if there is a problem package or two, by 
all means, use it.

After the site becomes reasonably well known, I would like to monitor 
the bandwidth usage for a while to see if it casues problems with the 
ISP.  I'm not expecting problems, but I don't want to spike the usage 
too early.


   -- Bruce

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