Proposed alfs communication model

Jamie Bennett jamie at
Wed Feb 16 13:47:32 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-02-16 at 21:15 +0000, Matthew Burgess wrote: 
>Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> I've put up a little proposed communication model for alfs the way _I'd_
>> like to see it done at 
> >
>> So a typical message sent from client to server on a different
>> machine would be :-
>[snipped diagram]

[snip explanation]

Yes, thats how it should work.

>So, it looks like all 3 elements (alfs-ui, comms module and alfsd) need 
>to be able to listen and talk to the dbus.  I therefore presume the 
>messages would all have some indicator of not just the IP address of the 
>intended recipient, but also the specific module that needs to pick the 
>message up and act on it?  Or is it a case of each module in turn picks 
>the message up and simply asks whether it knows how to act on that type 
>of message?

The latter really. The comms module can look at the recipient tag of the
message and see whether its local or remote. If local, the comms module
would leave the message alone, if remote it will do the SOAP'ing up and


	--	Jamie

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