distcc and alfs

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Feb 18 09:21:31 PST 2005

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> Then my laptop died and I thought I had the files and test profiles copied to 
> my main server. Apparently that alfs stuff was the only thing I stored in the 
> wrong place so that's lost for now. The laptop's drive is fine, just the IDE 
> controller. So when i get my hands on a laptop I can copy my files off of it 
> again.

You can easily get a 40-pin to 44-pin adapter and plug that drive into a 
regular system, or even get an external USB enclosure for the drive and 
pull the data off that way. No need to wait for another laptop to appear :-)

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