alfs status

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Feb 21 21:31:35 PST 2005

Hey Guys:

So, there hasn't been much development activity of late. I'd thought I'd 
try to pick up where we left off and see what sort of response I got. :)

The SRS is nearly done:

There are still a few empty spots at the end of section 3 which would be 
nice to have filled in...

Based on Jamie's proposal and the recent discussion following, I'd like 
us to start developing POC code for the communication and command 
parsing aspects of alfs based on Python, DBus and SOAP. Jamie, do you 
have the time now to organize the actual development of this? In other 
words, lay out a TODO list/task chart for the actual coding and work out 
a way for several of us to work on it together. Let me know what you 
could do wrt that, please.

I'm anxious to get this going. If I don't hear from any of you guys, I 
may just start hacking up code here myself soon and I'm not sure how 
good of an idea that is. ;)

Jeremy H.

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