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Mon Feb 28 13:04:02 PST 2005

Hi. I just downloaded the LFS 6.0 Live CD. Having installed LFS (5.1)
before, now I want to go ahead and use the ALFS profile included in the
CD. But I'm a little lost.

I just don't find clear instructions on how to do it. When does the
profile start? When I run ./runit and expand the LFS.xml, I can see it
contains Chapters 5 through 9. Should I follow the book up to Chapter 5,
and then run the profile? (do I have to create the $LFS variable, for

The ALFSprofile README talks about doing the following also before
running the profile:
1) producing a kernel .config file
      How am I supposed to do this? do I have to extract the kernel from
      the packages directory into a temp directory, configure the kernel
      and get the generated config file?

2) Customizing the files in the 'config' directory
      It mentions several files: general.ent , fstab.xml , kernel.xml ,
      grub.xml , keymap-ch6.xml , keymap-ch8.xml, console.xml . What
      exactly should I modify, and how?

Also, before even starting, I wanted to download the latest ALFS profile
using wget. Of course, when I run net-setup from the livecd, I get a
message saying : "Device eth0 is not present on this system!" . I do
have a network connection that works otherwise when I boot with my host
linux version. (Fedora Core 2). What can I do?

Thanks for the help!

  cvrancken at

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