nALFS bug?: build fails because of optional package

Alex Prinsier aphexer at
Sat Mar 5 09:48:31 PST 2005

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If nALFS would mention some more info about the fatal error, that
would help alot :) Anyway my problem is solved.

Thanks for helping,


Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Alex Prinsier wrote:
>> I: Log file stored in: I: /root/.nALFS/packages/linuxpam-0.78.xml
>> W: Utilized package missing: db E: Some required packages are
>> missing; build aborted. E: Execution failed (255).
> That is a bug in nALFS, but not the bug you think it is.
> See the 'W' at the beginning of the line about the 'db' package?
> That means it's a warning, and not the reason that the build was
> aborted.
> In this case, the build was aborted because the cracklib package is
> not installed (or at least nALFS does not think it is), but the
> bug is that it does not actually tell you what the missing
> package(s) is/are.
>> Shouldn't nALFS create files in the stamps directory? It's
>> empty...
> Yes, but you have to tell it do so, either using the -S option on
> the command line or setting the proper option in the .nALFSrc file.
> You also have to ensure that every time you run it it uses the
> same stamp directory, which can be set also in the .nALFSrc file
> but also set using the NALFS_STAMP_DIR environment variable.

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