[RFC] BLFS Profile: Dependencies not included in the BLFS Book

Alex Potter spambin at ap-consulting.co.uk
Fri Mar 11 11:58:26 PST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote in <4231F6B4.1080209 at linuxfromscratch.org>

> Joachim Beckers wrote:
>> If you mean something like:
>> {packageinfo}
>>   {requires}
>>     {program}
>>       {name}foo{/name}
>>       {version}1.5.4{/version}
>>     {/program}
>>   {/requires}
>>   ...
>> {/packageinfo}
>> then indeed all the info is there and the problem is solved.
> I don't understand how this is better...is there ever going to be
> anything other than {package} inside {requires}? If not, this is just
> an extra layer that keeps you from repeating {requires}, but makes you
> repeat {package} instead.

Are you saying that {requires} and {utilizes} effectively behave as
synonyms for {package} _at_present_? 

If that *is* the case, something needs better documentation, as so far I
cannot get ALFS to recognise that I have installed any dependencies -
it just spat out a "package not installed" message and stopped, even if 
I had just installed the dependency.

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