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Mon Sep 12 12:58:45 PDT 2005

El Lunes, 12 de Septiembre de 2005 03:04, Jeremy Huntwork escribió:

> I've just now added a new function that creates a Makefile with the
> extracted commands. Hopefully this will show you the direction I was
> hoping to take.
> The Makefile doesn't work... yet. There's a few commands from the book
> that need to be either dropped or re-worked. Also, as you pointed out, I
> still have the issue of 'su - lfs' and 'chroot' to sort out, but again I
> have an idea with that. :)
> Anyway, with the Makefile creation added, I hope this will spur a few
> more ideas or suggestions...

Very nice work :-)

Some comments:

.- Why has been added the -v switch to the xsltproc command? The build.log 
file created contains only libxsl/xsltproc debugging info not very useful 
except for XSLT depuration and optimization.

.- The file creation using "cat  ... EOF" don't work as-is on a Makefile. The 
lines that should be dumped to the output file are actually executed, and 
then the build boom with a "EOF: command not found".

.- We need to figure-out how to manage the text that must be edited by the 
user. That could require some small changes in the book sources to can create 
build variables from that text (for replaceable text inside bild commands) or 
to create the actual files pointing the user to edit they before run 
"make" (for fstab, menu.lst, bootscripts configuration files, etc..)

.- A "make clean-build" to remove the lfs user and home directory, the tools 
directory and symlink, and the touched files, may be useful to can re-run the 
Makefile from scratch.

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