extra-prompt (was BLFS 6.1)

Torsten Vollmann Torsten at Vollmann-Online.de
Sat Sep 17 03:27:16 PDT 2005

Joachim Beckers wrote:

> Torsten Vollmann wrote:
>> Hi.
>> The introduction of extra-prompt.sh to blfs and plain installation of it
>> leads to a corrupt prompt as it repeats the user, hostname and working
>> dir.
> How do you mean "a corrupt promt"? Doesn't it just give you such a
> redhat style [joachim at madkeunnen:~] thingie? Or does nALFS get confused
> about it?
> Joachim

It gives me 

[Myself at MyComputer /PathToHomeDir]Myself at MyComputer : ActualDirImIn

The first occurrance comes from extra-promt.sh (as $PROMPT_COMMAND is
printed befor $PS1) and the second one from $PS1.

Also note the /PathToHomeDir for it seems extra-promt.sh does not export the
placeholders but the current value of these (echo $PROMPT_COMMAND prints
out "[snip] /home/torsten [snip]" but should print "[snip] $(PWD) [snip]"

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