extra-prompt (was BLFS 6.1)

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 19 10:02:01 PDT 2005

Joachim Beckers wrote:
> Torsten Vollmann wrote:
>>It gives me 
>>[Myself at MyComputer /PathToHomeDir]Myself at MyComputer : ActualDirImIn
>>The first occurrance comes from extra-promt.sh (as $PROMPT_COMMAND is
>>printed befor $PS1) and the second one from $PS1.
>>Also note the /PathToHomeDir for it seems extra-promt.sh does not export the
>>placeholders but the current value of these (echo $PROMPT_COMMAND prints
>>out "[snip] /home/torsten [snip]" but should print "[snip] $(PWD) [snip]"
> So it's broken by design, right? If so, I guess we should let the BLFS
> team know...
> (But first I'm gonna double and triple check the instructions.)

Done, and the instructions are exactly the same in the book and in the

Torsten, can you report this on blfs-dev please? I would have no idea
what to say when anyone asks more details. I guess you would ;-)


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