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Brad Bailey computer_brad at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 26 01:53:05 PDT 2005

For my own use, I experimented with compiling paco
into chapter05 /tools to log all of chapter06. I then,
went through chapter06 manually so I could get paco to
log everything, and installed paco at the end. I was
delighted to see that all went well after the whole
thing booted, and everything was logged. I then edited
the .xml's and did the same thing, only entirely

I now have a patch that will modify the entire
./LFS-6.1/ tree to allow for paco to be added during
the process. I'm currently testing the patch.

I'm not a developer of any sort so I don't know
entirely how submitting a patch works, or if it's even
polite to do what I've done. Please advise on what to
do next.

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