possible new feature

David Rosal david.rosal at upf.edu
Tue Sep 27 06:39:51 PDT 2005

Hello Brad.

I am David Rosal, the main developer of the program paco.
I've read your post in the alfs-discuss list, talking about your 
experience using paco in ALFS.

I don't know if ALFS developers will want to integrate paco in ALFS... 
but i think they won't, because it's known that the LFS staff does not 
want to choose any "official" package management system, but they want 
to let it be a particular user's choice. And i agree with this policy 

But as the paco main developer, i am very interested in your alfs-paco 
patch. In fact, as a paco user i wanted to make exactly what you say, 
adding the paco commands directly into the XML profiles; but i didn't 
know exactly how should it be done because my XML skills are quite poor.

So your experience comes in very helpfull!
Could you please let me see that patch, or a sample of an XML profile?

BTW: I'm thinking of making a hint or tutorial about this, if i finally 
make it work...



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