jhalfs paco patch HLFS-uClibc bug tracing: Help needed

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at online.no
Sun Apr 2 09:02:17 PDT 2006

David Rosal wrote:

> Tor Olav Stava wrote:
>> I've been trying to install HLFS-uClibc using the latest paco-patch, 
>> but can't get past 072-uclibc.
>> (...)
>> Note: Paco-1.10.4 requires WORDEXP=y set in uClibc, which is not the 
>> default in the config-patch for uClibc.
> Paco-1.10.4 uses the function wordexp() to parse the configuration 
> file. This allows for expanding any environment variable (and not only 
> HOME). For example:
> LOGDIR=$HOME/.paco/log
> INCLUDE=/var:$PATH:/etc
> EXCLUDE=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:/dev:/proc:/sys:/tmp
> The problem is that I expected wordexp() to be more portable than it 
> really is, and so I didn't provide any replacement. I have checked 
> that at least NetBSD does not have wordexp() by default.
> This problem has been solved in the current development version, but 
> the replacement function only expands the variable HOME (for now). 
> This will be properly documented in the man page of pacorc.
> I think that paco-1.10.5 will be released in a few days...
> Summarizing: for paco >= 1.10.5, passing WORDEXP=y in uClibc won't be 
> required, but if WORDEXP is enabled then paco will be able to expand 
> any environment variable in pacorc.

Thanks for clearing that up.

However, the wordexp() issue with uClibc is actually quite minor 
considering that I can't log the uClibc install. :(
Everything else seems fine, its only the uClibc install I'm having 
trouble with so far.
Enabling wordexp() in uClibc is no problem, unless it poses some 
sequrity threat (..?), I'll just put a note about it in the patch readme.

I guess NetBSD and maybe more will need some care, but that's out of my 
scope ;)

Tor Olav

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